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Beard Oil

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Our Beard Oil is made with all natural, skin-loving ingredients.

Your beard hair is just as important as the hair on top of your head and it needs to be taken care of in the same way. Many will ignore this and have dull, itchy, rough beards.  This oil not only will moisturize your beard but your skin, as well. 


Nt. Wt. 1 oz  



Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT) , Golden Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Orange Bitter Essential Oil, Peppermint Supreme Essential Oil


How to Use

Gently squeeze 4-5 drops (depending on length of beard)* of oil from dropper into your palm. Rub palms together and gently apply to dampened skin and hair after washing.

Use a Boar’s Hair Brush or Beard Comb to help evenly distribute the oil and shape your beard.

* You may need less drops depending on the size of your beard.


**DISCLAIMER: If allergic to any of the ingredients listed, do not use. Test the oil by applying to a small area of the skin.  If any reactions occur, stop use immediately. For more on this, please click here.