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Beyond Naptural, LLC

Soak & Relax Gift Set

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Beyond Gift Packages are must have gifts for the birthdays, anniversaries, upcoming holidays or as a simple thank you for loved ones.



Soak and Relax Gift Package comes with 2 items

  • Bath Salt with bamboo scooper and 2 muslin bags*
  • Wax Melt*

*Select 1 option each for Bath Salt and Wax Melt.



Caution for Wax Melt: Keep out of reach of children and pets.  Do not handle while container of wax melt is hot.  Do not touch hot wax.  Store in cool, dry place. Wax melt will melt when warmed. Avoid prolonged contact with skin and eyes as it may cause irritation. Do not add water to wax. May stain fabric. Wax can be stored in container for reuse after being melted.